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The department is well known for its outstanding faculty and a range of innovative facilities. The faculty members of the department are so dedicated to teaching that their students have also exhibited outstanding performance and gained a good reputation in child-related industries. Specifically, the department has established the following features in its long-term development: 
 It trains professional educators and care-givers primarily for young children aged 0-6 years and secondarily for children aged 6-12 years who need after-school care. 

 All the courses are arranged on the basis of the core curricula of early child hood education and care and the five curriculum clusters (Care for Infants and Young Children, Performing Arts of Young Children, Montessori Education, English for Young Children, and Early Intervention) to help all students develop their own expertise. 

 It cooperates with child-related industries to fulfill the goal that theories and practices are equally emphasized and increase career or internship opportunities for students. 

Students are encouraged to attend “Kindergarten Teacher Education Program” offered by the Teacher Education Center of the school and be certified as a kindergarten teacher.

International and national conferences and workshops and brown bag seminars are regularly held.

Faculty members help set up and run non-profit Resource Centers of In-Home Caregivers in Taichung and provide services to caregivers and parents.

Faculty members help found Association of Taiwan Early Childhood Care and Education and provide related services.

Life Education is emphasized, students are encouraged to form social support network (as family) and to participate in service learning.

To enhance the quality of professionals for early child hood education and care, the focus of the master's degree program is placed on educating professionals in the areas of “Integration of Theories and Practices of Early Childhood Education and Care” and “Administration and Organization of Child Care Services”.